(Parcel) G stands for Generations Being Housed

Parcel G proposal to house LGBT elders is fought by NIMBY-ism

Tenants as Housing Experts?- what a thought!

Residents of the California Hotel take over management of their own hotel and all they need is our support!


Deconstructing SAN FRANCISCO'S ZONING /Gentrifying/Development PLANS


Translation: raising water prices on the people

Taking Back the Land from 21st Century Colonizers

POOR Magazine has been threatened with eviction from their offices in the Tenderloin by the new owners so they are launching an offensive strategy to deal with the onslaught of eviction and displacement of people of color locally and globally

What: Take Back The Land Ceremony

When: 8:00 am, Thursday, August 7th

Where: 1095 Market street @ 7th street in San Francisco

We Hate 98

Hundreds of tenants, advocates and community members rally against the pro-landlord Proposition 98 which will be on the June ballot

Ella Hill Hutch Closing?

Staff at the Ella Hill Hutch Community Center wonder if -- or when -- the City will close their shelter serving houseless folks and youth.


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