We Hate 98

Hundreds of tenants, advocates and community members rally against the pro-landlord Proposition 98 which will be on the June ballot

Ella Hill Hutch Closing?

Staff at the Ella Hill Hutch Community Center wonder if -- or when -- the City will close their shelter serving houseless folks and youth.

Throw Old Women on the Street

The closing of Buster's Place leaves women and seniors out on the streets.

The Slow Deliberate Process of Gentrification

The lies of Lennar and the decimation of a neighborhood.


A Woman's story.

Victory of Resistance!

After years of hard work by the Coalition on Homelessness, groundbreaking shelter standards are passed by San Francisco's Board of Supervisors.

The Bayview was their home

One Bayview Family displaced by Ethnic Cleansing efforts in the Bayview’s Northridge Coops

Homelessness De-Criminalized in Santa Barbara

A new Santa Barbara program makes it legal for folks struggling with poverty to live in their cars.

New York City Style treatment of houseless people

A poverty scholar reports on the plans for the new Transbay Transit Center. Will it be a center of transit or displacement?


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