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Incarcerated for Crimes of Poverty
That’s being homeless,
Being poor
And being on welfare
In this Capitalist Society
Currently At-risk
Of Falling Back in the Cracks
On this earth
To save the world
Through the Word
And in the process –
Me and mines….

Oakland Housing Authority to Spend $400,000 On Evictions

A recent memorandum details the Oakland Housing Authority's future plan to spend hundreds of thousands of dollars to evict public housing tenants over the next two years.

Tenants Resource List


by Staff Writer


Tenants Rebel Against Slum Like Conditions

Tenants of the Rose Hotel in San Francisco announced on Wednesday December 20 the filing of a lawsuit against Mercy Housing California due to serious housing code violations.

The West Oakland Gentrification Tour!

Residents, politicians and community scholars take a tour led by Just Cause through rampant gentrification in West Oakland

The First Annual Tenant Convention: Voices of Poverty Scholars

Community and poverty scholars join to discuss tenant rights, police brutality and the criminalization of poverty at the first tenant convention

Marlon Crump Poverty Scholar POOR News Network
Wednesday, December 20, 2006;

'It is literally a crime to be poor in this country, the United States of America.' Rene Saucedo's words reverberated across the auditorium, at the First Annual Tenant Convention, held in November at the Luna Sea Theater. Saucedo's words are all too familiar for those of us who are living poor in this country.

Gentrification for Dummies...

Ten easy steps to transforming your multi-cultural, multi-generational neighborhood into a sea of shiny new condos

Hope VI Project Double Crosses Oakland Renters

An in-depth study on the Hope VI Project in Oakland reveals that behind the hype and propaganda lies a huge gentrification project that has already displaced many families.

I used to live in the Bayview….then I became homeless

Housing activists fight for real housing justice in San Francisco rather than more lies by the Mayor.

Affordable (to Who).. Housing and other myths of Redevelopment

Hundreds of poverty scholars, activists and residents oppose the San Francisco Redevelopment agencies' Mid Market Redevelopment Plan


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