Gentrification for Dummies...

Ten easy steps to transforming your multi-cultural, multi-generational neighborhood into a sea of shiny new condos

Hope VI Project Double Crosses Oakland Renters

An in-depth study on the Hope VI Project in Oakland reveals that behind the hype and propaganda lies a huge gentrification project that has already displaced many families.

I used to live in the Bayview….then I became homeless

Housing activists fight for real housing justice in San Francisco rather than more lies by the Mayor.

Affordable (to Who).. Housing and other myths of Redevelopment

Hundreds of poverty scholars, activists and residents oppose the San Francisco Redevelopment agencies' Mid Market Redevelopment Plan

The Message of Mary Jesus

The suicide of Mary Jesus was a prophetic warning, written in blood and death, that rent hikes and evictions destroy the lives of the poor

How much can the body stand?

Residents of The Bayview speak out against the lies by the colonization of The Bayview

HUD's New Homeless Homeland Security Program

Several Domestic Violence shelters in Colorado opt out of HUD's new homelessness database because of safety issues.

We Shall Not Be Moved!

The People of the Bayview gather to resist the lies of corporate and City-sponsored displacement and 21st century Negro removal in Black History Month.

Section 8 Restored...sort of…

While some states partially restore Section 8 funding others plan for more "gentrification". Housing activists call for nationwide protests

Just Keep them poor people rolling ….

Hundreds of tenants in the City of Alameda fight illegal eviction by Housing Authority/HUD

PNN Media Resistance action#1


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