“This is just the beginning…” (West Oakland Gentrification)

Residents, artists and community organizers gather to Clean the Air of West Oakland

The "Mess" Talks Back

Turd-Filled Donut zine at Artists Television Access
turns tables on the SFPD, the SF Examiner and the
so-called “Mess on Market Street”.

Goodbye Mr. Stag

The Myth on Market Street Series Continues....

Not In My Backyard...

How providing a valuable service to the community got one woman blacklisted

The Myth On Market Street series: Who is behind the Myth?

Report from the Mid-Market PAC Meetings, a project of the San Francisco Redevelopment Agency:

Tenant Victory In Oakland

Eviction for Profit System Exposed

How much is hype?

Oakland’s New Rent Proposal Being Questioned

Gentrification Under the Veneer of Revitalization

.Westpoint will become the sixth neighborhood in San Francisco to be "revitalized" with the HOPE VI program, leading to the forced displacement of several hundred low-income African-Americans.

Playground For the Rich

Oakland is under siege by developers seeking to make their riches by displacing downtown residents with the 10 K Plan.


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