We Shall Not Be Moved!

The People of the Bayview gather to resist the lies of corporate and City-sponsored displacement and 21st century Negro removal in Black History Month.

Section 8 Restored...sort of…

While some states partially restore Section 8 funding others plan for more "gentrification". Housing activists call for nationwide protests

Amerikka's Un-American Housing Policy

Alameda Section 8 tenants march in the 4th of July Parade and resist evictions

#3 in a PNN Media Activism series

A Dysfunctioning Rent Board

Tenants Speak up for a fair and balanced San Francisco Rent Board

Just Keep them poor people rolling ….

Hundreds of tenants in the City of Alameda fight illegal eviction by Housing Authority/HUD

PNN Media Resistance action#1

Shockwaves throughout the Country - The Section 8 Crisis

Section 8 Housing Voucher Programs In Crisis – Agencies’ Forced To Terminate existing Contracts

From Public Housing To Homelessness

A single mother relates the horror story of displacement out of San Francisco Public Housing into Homelessness

No Surplus People - Just Surplus Property!!!

The People march in favor of Surplus Property Legislation

No Peace In the Streets!

Section 8 tenants in Alameda fight back and WIN

PNN Media Resistance #2

Eviction without conviction

Tenants Outraged By Nuisance Eviction Ordinance as Oakland Strives To Be The City Of Intolerance


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