this is my home

Hundreds of tenants organize and resist unjust eviction and demolition

3 Days to Pay rent or Quit

Bush plans to gut the Section 8 program

Lawrence Chan Endorses Displacement and Homelessness

50 Low-Income Renters Targeted For Eviction

The Struggle at Effie's House

Oakland Landlord Blatantly Defies Measure EE


Poor, artists and Oakland residents protests Mayor Jerry Brown’s housing policies

The word grace means hope…

Landlord tries to evict 87 year old African-American woman out of her home of 15 years once again- the people fight back

Listen to the 6th Street Community!

SRO Tenants win electricity funding from the city

Let Us In!!!!

Poor, houseless families count vacant units in Sunnydale held hostage by HUD/ San Francisco Housing Authority


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