Housing: Build it, Preserve it, Take it back!

The National Day Of Housing is celebrated with a HUD takeover

Bedbug Manor

Low-income tenants of Mission District Single Room Occupancy Hotel continue to struggle with parasite infestation

R is for Relinquishment of Renters Rights

PRop R will be very dangerous for San Francisco Renters

I Can't Leave Here

The ongoing Eviction battle of an elder disabled African-American woman; Mrs. Wells

Long Live The I-Hotel

Manilatown 25th Year Eviction Commemorative


A low-income African-American family fights an unjust, no cause eviction and WINS!

I mean, we're not against the Indians

The Cache Creek Indian Bingo and Casino Expansion is opposed by farmers in the area

A Hot Day of Resistance

The Shotwell Block Party celebrates culture, community and resistance to Eviction in El Mission’

The Roots of Displacement

Just Cause gets on the ballot - Tenants have a chance in Oakland


The HOPE legislation is dangerous for San Francisco Tenants


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