Mama Dee is Mad!

California Pacific Medical Center proposes to build a 1.7 billion dollar hospital in the Tenderloin..for who and at what cost?

Just What?/Justo que?

Extending “Just Cause” Eviction Rights to All Renters/

Ampliación de una “causa justa” de los derechos de desalojo a todos los inquilinos

The Last Raza in the Mission

Community leader and housing activist, Jose Morales, faces unfair eviction under the Ellis Act.

I don't Want to slumify Oakland..

Oakland Mayor Jerry Brown evades issues at POOR Magazine's Media inAction protest and press conference. Evicted tenants and advocates question Brown's possible conflict of interest with Madison Park Corporation.


"She Won't Let me Die Here..."

Sangri a sus Manos (Blood on his hands)

Landlord pursues eviction against Five Latino elders in the Mission district.

Answer the Question or Face Homelessness

Housing Authority Abuses abuses its tenants civil rights with the "Citizenship" Question

No Public Housing Evictions!

Superior Court Blocks Public Housing Evictions

Dot-Colonization 2:

Hundreds of San Francisco residents rally against gentrification at the Planning Commission

The Dot-Con Game

Lately, the Mission (and a lot of other neighborhoods) are succumbing


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