Letters to the Editor...on Eviction, Art and Resistance...

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Class War of The Rich on The Poor

Lack of affordable housing has defined the Income Gap between rich and poor in the city.

The County is Taking My Mothers Property...

A low-income African-American family have lost their disabled Grandmama and all their property to the precarious world of the Alameda County Guardianship Program. Advocates and family attempt to fight back…

Homes Not Cars

The Hastings School of Law proposes to build an eight-story 885 space parking garage into a neighborhood already overrun by cars

Her own Personal Mansion

Grace Well, an elder, disabled African woman is evicted from her home of 14 years (Pt 2)

Nowhere to Go

A Family in danger of losing their only home in Oakland

Dad, We've Been Evicted.

One woman's terrifying journey through eviction from The Bayview district apartment of her and her whole family

I Could Hear The Gritos

PNN staff writer attends a protest for five Latino families facing housing discrimination in the Mission.

No Renticide!!!!

Hundreds of Oakland tenants, advocates and community organizers gathered outside Oakland City Hall

We Waited, and Waited, and Then We Won!!

The West Cork Hotel Found to Be Illegally Housing Tourists by The SF Board of Appeals after countless continuances and delays!


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