The Mayors Office development director, Emilio Cruz, debates Artist Debra Walker from the Campaign to Save San Francisco on Propositions K and L

Master leasing

PNN staff writer deconstructs the new housing program in San Francisco.

A Short Breath

SF District Attorney takes on The Evil landlords

One Strike

HUD's "one strike" eviction policy is analogous to Federally mandated gentrification

Japan Town Gets Organized

Japan Town Community organizes to control their own development process.


San Francisco Planning Commission “takes-down” a citizen who goes seconds over his time

Just Cause..... .......tenants need it!

Oakland Tenants and advocates rally for a
Just Cause Initiative in Oakland.

SHUT-OUT; PAC-BELL PARK; $350,000,000

Burned Out Hotel Residents protest extravagant spending
on PAC-BELL Park versus no spending on hotel repairs.

Low-Income Housing is Not Their Obligation

The hearing of an 8 story proposed parking garage in the heart of the Tenderloin by the Hastings Law school
erupts into a major act of resistance. Chris Daly and many more are arrested


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