POOR Magazine Demands an End to All Sweeps, Belonging Theft, Evictions and Foreclosures

POOR Magazine/Homefuness is formerly demanding a permanent end to:

-All "Sweeps", Belonging theft and all Criminalization of Unhoused peoples in this Covid19 Crisis and Forever.

-A Moratorium on Evictions of Low and no-income elders, families and workers in this Covid19 crisis and Forever

- A Moratorium on all Foreclosures of homes owned by individual families, disabled communities and elders 

- A end to the shut off of utilities of families and elders disabled 

Voting To Save Our Crums- Poor, Houseless & Still need to Vote

(Podcast from a Povertyskola on this here


Fighting for the crums- 

Cuz thats all we have Sun

EBT SSI Section 8 

Hardly anything left on the 

Poor peoples plate

Youth Skolaz Report: Permit Gangstas

Below are the reports from the DeeColonize Academy youth skolaz on the POOR Magazine meetings at City Hall trying to challenge the impact fees being imposed on Homefulness. Here is a petition on our behalf.

Photo: DeeColonize Academy youth skolaz learning about the law for self-advocacy at the Alameda County Law Library


SB 50- Article One in a Four-Part Series: The Lies, Damn Lies, Statistics, and Capitalism of the California Housing Crisis

As a low-income African-American living in the Bay Area, I have been through all the trials and tribulations the Brothas and Sistas have been through in America, and if I haven’t one of my friends or family members have suffered through it. This is the journey that we call America. A nation founded upon the tenets of patriarchy, white supremacy and hyper- capitalism. Yeah, folks, these are undisputed facts.

The Struggle to Build Housing When You are Homeless -Poor and homeless builders struggle with Permit Gangsterism and Politricks

“You owe $72,000 for these water and sewer permits,” said East Bay Municipal Water District (EBMUD) clerk to Homefulness

Homeless Builders Create their own Solutions to Homelessness while the City Slows Them Down & Charges Exorbitant Fees

Homeless Builders Create their own Solutions to Homelessness while the City Slows Them Down & Charges Them Exorbitant Fees 
Poor, Homeless, Bordered,Incarcerated, Indigenous and Disabled People launched Homefulness - a homeless peoples solution to homelessness in 2011. The City of Oakland Building Department has charged permit fees in excess of 35,000 and private corporations like PGE and DWP over 100,000  This situation makes it impossible for poor, working class Black, Brown and Homeless builders to build homes in Oakland.

Untold, UnSold: Black, Brown,Red, Broke & Disabled Voices in Black History Month

So far there are three events in February and March- 

*NOTE Time change in West Oakland EVENT 

Feb 20th 6-7ipm - SF Main Branch Library- 100 Larkin St, San Francisco, CA 94102- (Latino Room) As part of SF’s Poet Laureate, Kim Shuck’s Poetry Jam

Feb 26th 5-7:30pm West Oakland Library -1801 Adeline West Oakland, Ca 94605 

March 13th 7pm InTegriTea- 717 Marin - Vallejo, Ca 


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