Playing the Role of a Cat

(Author's note:  Cats come in all sizes and colors.  Some, as we know, are great actors/actresses.  This poem is about a cat i came across recently, whose acting skills were proficient enough to garner her a prominent space on Hollywood's B-List.  Enjoy)

Condo Land




Eyes paved

Heart paved

Mouth paved

But they put in
A nice lawn with a nice
Fence with a nice sprinkler
System and nice little boys
And girls in nice comfortable
Uniforms kicking a nice
Comfortable ball into a nice
Comfortable net

Under the pavement
Is soft with the song
Of bone and whisper

Where Can We Pee?- Emergency Press Conference and Porta Pottie Installation

Thu, 10/30/2014 - 1:30pm - 2:00pm

Press Contact:
Tiny aka Lisa Gray-Garcia PoorNewsNetwork (510) 435-7500 /Auntie Francis 510-395-5988

Where Can We Pee?

Power to the Pizza!

October 7, 2014

Revolution begins with I, and many of our greatest victories are individual acts of defiance, independence, and determination [IDID]. Often we poor folks don't have food immediately available to us when we are out protesting. We miss the soup kitchens because they are closed by the time we get back.

We can, however, save up various condiments from some of them, piece together staples from various food pantries and procure other food items the best way we know how.


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