Power to the Pizza!

October 7, 2014

Revolution begins with I, and many of our greatest victories are individual acts of defiance, independence, and determination [IDID]. Often we poor folks don't have food immediately available to us when we are out protesting. We miss the soup kitchens because they are closed by the time we get back.

We can, however, save up various condiments from some of them, piece together staples from various food pantries and procure other food items the best way we know how.

77 Van Ness

Last week while running errands in the Market Street area I noticed at 77 Van Ness, international symbols for restrooms and a sign that stated it was an ”Open Space” and open to the public, so I went in and used the restroom, having to use the elevator to the second floor to do so.

Marcus Bookstore and the SFSU Student Strikes

June 10, 2014

“What he made a reality through that bookstore, was a forum where people could come together and be challenged to raise the right questions about political, religious and social
issues,” said San Francisco Supervisor Amos Brown, of Marcus Bookstore co-owner Raye Richardson. Brown added that Mr. Richardson “made a sterling contribution of great substance in that he developed many young scholars.”


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