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Devil-opers Steal & Pillage Black History

** UPDATE : STOP THE SWEISES FROM RANSACKING MARCUS BOOKS !!! ** A picture of Marcus Books TODAY. The bookstore has been emptied and we're unsure where the contents of the bookstore are.
We are asking everyone to call the Sweis and DEMAND they do the following:

PNN-TV; Houseless Mamaz Demand Housing For Mothers Day

(image of an eviction notice posted on now houseless single mama Sabrina Carter's door, evicted from privatized public housing in San Francisco)

This Can Happen to You!

May 6, 2014

This story is about something that can happen to you. Let’s take the way-back machine to the end of March 2012 in San Francisco. Kathy Galves had just been kicked out of her house in San Francisco that she loved and adored. An evil bank named Wells Fargo and an unfair court system with a judge that violated her civil rights had booted her out.

DeGentrification Zones (DGZ)- a poor people-led plan to take back this stolen land

(Image of a young sista-mama from the Black Riders Liberation Party at the 1st Anti-gentriFUKation DGZ bbq in Oakland)


Privatization is Eradication: Calling Conscious Law Firm to help us Change the Conversation

As poor, houseless, migrante, indigenous, former and current resident families, elders and disabled residents of public and private housing in the US we have been writing, activating, organizing and living the struggle and oppression of the end of public housing and services as we know it.


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