In recent months The San Francisco health department has alerted many San Francisco free food service entities such as soup kitchens of a potentially lethal infectious disease known as Shigella.

Shigella is an oral fecal disease that is initially caused by ingesting human fecal matter, and is generally spread when the infected stool is spread to others who ingest it.

When a Mother and her Autistic Sun are Evicted

When a mother and her autistic son are evicted, where are they supposed to turn? For Bessie Taylor of Monterey County, every option has come up short. Now, she’s worried about what comes next.

Ed Liar [Lee] and the Myth of Affordable Housing

January 27, 2015

As we gear towards a new local and state government election season, it would appear that San Francisco Mayor Ed “the Liar” Lee may go unchallenged in his first re-election bid and what would be his final term as mayor.

Playing the Role of a Cat

(Author's note:  Cats come in all sizes and colors.  Some, as we know, are great actors/actresses.  This poem is about a cat i came across recently, whose acting skills were proficient enough to garner her a prominent space on Hollywood's B-List.  Enjoy)

Condo Land




Eyes paved

Heart paved

Mouth paved

But they put in
A nice lawn with a nice
Fence with a nice sprinkler
System and nice little boys
And girls in nice comfortable
Uniforms kicking a nice
Comfortable ball into a nice
Comfortable net

Under the pavement
Is soft with the song
Of bone and whisper

Where Can We Pee?- Emergency Press Conference and Porta Pottie Installation

Press Contact:
Tiny aka Lisa Gray-Garcia PoorNewsNetwork (510) 435-7500 /Auntie Francis 510-395-5988

Where Can We Pee?


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