They Let Him Die

A houseless youth dies on the streets- police do nothing


One person’s journey through homelessness and the Shelter system

Operation of Law….

One man's journey from civil rights advocate to homelessness.

Start at This Side of the Camp and Work Back....

Mass eviction of longtime homeless camp forces its residents out.. with no place else to go.

A Crime disguised as Entertainment

'Bumfights' Should Be Investigated As A Crime


By Lynda Carson 6/26/02

If your friend is homeless, you can co-sign.

Houseless disabled elder gets housed with the help of a superhero named Scott

The Homeless Audit

The Controllers Office releases the "Homeless Audit" - Homeless folk protest and support anti-homeless and pro-homeful legislations at City Hall

GILT-EDGED BUT OUT-OF-POCKET: Homeless policy in Dallas

Dallas City Council Prioritizes Upcoming Bond Issues, Some Politicians Betray Ignorance of Homelessness


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