Where's my Stuff?

Legislation is introduced after a five year struggle by advocates to give 24 hour notice to homeless folks before seizing and discarding their belongings.

Sleep without Drowning

The Mayor is water-hosing human beings in the most recent example of "cleaning up"

House Keys Not Handcuffs-Homelessness Ends With A Home:

Converge on January 20th, 2010 @ Federal Building - 7th and Mission @ 11:00 am.

Arrested Artistry

POOR Magazine correspondent gets harassed and arrested by University of California Police


Columnist Ka Ponda deconstructs the City Attorney's pending anti-poverty policy.

The War on the Poor

Another Peer-based, grassroots, drop-in center loses funding to the lies of Care Not Cash

I went, I witnessed, I ate...

PNN food critic reviews the holiday shelter meals

Thinly Veiled NIMBYISM

Neighbors hold meetings about the "Noise and other nuisances" of Shelter residents. Matt Gonzalez attends meeting.

First Class

PNN Staff Writer reports on his experience with race and class profiling as he attempts to fly across country on America West Airlines


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