If your friend is homeless, you can co-sign.

Houseless disabled elder gets housed with the help of a superhero named Scott

The Homeless Audit

The Controllers Office releases the "Homeless Audit" - Homeless folk protest and support anti-homeless and pro-homeful legislations at City Hall

GILT-EDGED BUT OUT-OF-POCKET: Homeless policy in Dallas

Dallas City Council Prioritizes Upcoming Bond Issues, Some Politicians Betray Ignorance of Homelessness

Surreal Accusations

One day at a bus stop - minding my own business

I became a Participant!!

Poor folks and politicians gather to discuss solutions to homelessness

Gavin Newsom's Scared of the People..!!

An in-depth look into what's behind Board Supervisor Newsom's Giuliani-like proposal to warehouse houseless residents of San Francisco

A Day of Protest

Poets, poor folks and advocates erect a house on City Hall in support of the National Affordable Housing Trust Fund.

Where Dry Leaves Blow Soundlessly

An arch of Shopping cart-ART is erected to honor a former houseless encampent.

It's A Thin Line...

Homeless folks and homeless advocates release a REAL homeless services proposal


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