Shelter Beat

Part #3 An Apology of Sorts

Shelter Beat pt 1

A PNN insider journey through San Francisco's shelters, social service agencies, and
government bureaucracies.

Shelter Beat Pt2

Pt 2. You Have No Choice!

The US Government Caused Me to Become Homeless Pt 1

One woman's journey through government fraud and homelessness

The Vehicularily Housed Beat

Vehicularily housed beat reporter chronicles police harassment, citations and the struggles of people who live in their cars.

No One Else Gets Arrested for this...

Staff writer Ken Moshesh Wins a precedent setting ruling for Homeless citizens

Red Tagged: The Creation of Vehicularily Housed Bill of Rights

Vehicularily housed residents stage an art-action-rally to demand civil rights and establish a Bill of Rights

Driving While Poor

This is the second part in an ongoing series entitled DWP (Driving While POOR) from vehicularily housed staff writers at POOR Magazine

Our Human Right to Sleep

A legal challenge and mass demonstration by activists and homeless citizens against california's penal code 647(j) aka, The Lodging Laws

DWP(Driving While Poor)

Vehicularily housed Bay Area residents are constantly harassed by the police - but in most cases the police harassment stems from continuous "nimbyism" from both businesses and residents.


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