Indigenous Resistance

Indigenous people don't say goodbye...

Today Rachel left to go back home to do some organizing around childcare and pregnancy. She got home safely, and in two weeks we will meet in the east coast and do some Indigenous Peoples Highway work there, and might even go into Canada. We will both be speakers at a conference at Hampshire College in Amherst, MA. Mari for the next two weeks will be at a round dance in Utah and go to Florida with her sister. 

Mari and Rachel will both be documenting their everyday lives the two weeks they are apart physically but spiritually unified. 

Driving back down south to Southern Ute Lands

This morning we woke up and dropped off melisa at her job, Azteca, a mexican supermarket. It was the first time I heard party music inside a grocery store, which was awesome! Then we left denver since it started to snow... We sang lots of songs, talked, and had some deep conversations about life with many breakthroughs!

Tocabe - An American Indian Eatery in Denver, CO

Today was a late start from the weekend of transformation... so we went to Tocabe and a free direct impact workshop they had this night. Had some great exercises... now back to Tocabe...

Tocabe is an American Indian Eatery where you can get frybread, and stuffed frybread. The stuffed fry bread is shaped like a calazone and is something i eat every time I go to Denver. We ordered the stuffed fry bread with the shredded bison. Rachel said, "The Meat is very juicy, and fresh."

Denver Art Museum -American Indian Exhibit

On this Saturday, I (Mari) went to The Denver Art Museum and was guided by Mat from the Center (see previous blog) and it was free first saturday! I saw so many things that inspired me but the most that stuck with me was seeing a old Ute bear dance growler. I also loved seeing the seminole patchwork as it reminding me about my upcoming trip to Florida!

Ara Cruz breaking the silence with a poem about domestic violence

Today is Day 2 of Rachel's Transformational Leadership Training, & since she was so happy we all gathered at the nearest IHOP to hang out. Everyone in this photo has gone through the same direct impact leadership trainings. My friend Ara Cruz (Chicano/Tiwa), Poet, and part of the Cafe Cultura Collective decided to share my favorite poem of his with us after much begging from the table.

National Native HIV/AIDS Awareness Day on March 20th

Mat talking about media at the National Native American AIDS Prevention Center and National Native HIV/AIDS Awareness Day on March 20th, 2011

Role of Native Hawaiians at the National Native American AIDS Prevention Center

While Rachel was at the basic leadership training I went to the National Native American AIDS Prevention Center. I met with Tony and he is speaking about the work he was a recently a part of in Hawaii

Saw Dennis Banks and Traveled to Rachel's Basic Transformational Leadership Training in Denver!

On March 2, 2010, we traveled up north to go to Rachel's basic transformational leadership training in Denver. Laughed alot, cracked jokes, and talked about being the source of transformation. We saw lots of mountains, and ate gas station food. We sang round dances songs all the way up there.

Earlier that day, we went to the Durango Film Festival where Dennis Banks was showing his film, "A Good Day to Die." Mari was able to ask him a question. Check the video to see our footage.

Traveling to the Four Corners

On March 2, 2011 Rachel and I traveled to the Four Corners. On the way we passed by the Sleeping Ute Mountain, where the chief is still sleeping. We received a guided tour by Dexter at the Ute Mountain Ute Pottery Factory where we learned about pottery and bought gifts for loved ones. We then headed to the four corners where i discovered the frybread stand was closed.

Ute Mountain Ute pottery factory tour

We loved the Ute Mountain Ute Pottery Factory so much that we had to do a special piece just for this...

Dexter showed us around the factory and how the Ute Mountain Utes do the pottery from start to finish. They have many molds for pottery, and a favorite part of our when a woman was explaining what the symbols on the pottery.

Needless to say we bought some pottery for loved ones and some Indian Country Maps for our Indigenous Peoples Highway!


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