Indigenous Resistance

Happy PeoplesMas

Not sure what to feel


So lost in this maze of tradition

Consumer lies, pain & exploitation

Of the real


For so many years I can hardly stand it

Stood in free food lines, blanket giveaways, begging for housing crumbs, bread crumbs, and other scarcity Amerikkka lies with mama


Her desperation to be cared for, housed, safe and loved coulda killed most people

And did


And yet here I am

In this short time on earth

Somebody Else's Slave: Use of the "N" Word.

Picture credited from the book "Capitalist Nigger" by Chika Onyeani. It is featured online

Note: The following story I’ve written is not aimed as a direct attack on ANY specific race, whatsoever. It is people’s (including my own) experience, reflection, and especially survival from a word/weapon. Historically, it has destroyed human beings.



You saved our community from those Who would slay our community with impunity

Above us, you all love us. Down below you, we all love you!

In the land of displacement, the e victors are no longer victors

In the lens of racism, you made evil see itself

On a desk of a caseworker holding a pen you scripted lifetime every single mom.......her child........anyone poor

Voices to Voiceless Villages. Punishment to every pillage of every village

No Thanks to The Man!

No thanx to the man
on this day
a lie crafted by uncle sam

no thx to the myths of
supposed pilgrims gifts
no thx to the killin
caused by so many under the lie of thx giving

No - the thx i have
is the thx for the land,
for creator-
our ancestors,
our corazons
our love....

So i have a new list-
not defined by pilgrims myths
coming from our collective lips

the thx i have is for the spirit of uncle al, mama dee

Landlessness and Colonization on a Waiting List

Picture credit featured online "No Justice on Stolen Land," protest placard. Photo: anon

Poem is dedicated to Indigenous Elder Scholar, Myron Standing Bear and his struggle to receive his housing that was stolen from him by members of the San Francisco Housing Authority . He went from #1 to #564 on the S.F.H.A. Housing Waiting List for being Indian.



“We don’t work with Indians!”

GENTRIFUKATION TOURS “R” US (Aburgesamiento Gira “Somos” Nosotros)





 (Aburgesamiento Gira



“Coming to a Displaced, Dismantled, Redeveloped Neighborhood Near You”


Picture featured online at Conspiracy is No Longer Theory.

“They (young men of color) are murdered twice, by the cops and……....... by the media!” Riveting words from D’andre, lead speaker following the march on October 22nd National Day of Protest to Stop Police Brutality, Repression, and Criminalization of a Generation.


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