Indigenous Resistance

Why Negating Aztlan Strengthens Imperialism

Editor's Note: Original Artwork, "Los Muertos" by Jose H. Villarreal, 2013. Pen & pastel on paper.

All Eyes on San Francisco- No New Plantation (Jail) in San Francisco

All eyes are on San Francisco next Tuesday, December 15th as the Board of Supervisors prepare to take a historic vote on whether or not to approve the construction of a new $240 million jail. They will vote on accepting the $80 million loan from the Board of State Community Corrections and an additional $215 million in bonds to fund the jail project.

The Truth Must Be Told: The In-Custody Death of Raymond Eacret

Raymond Eacret, 34 yrs old, a proud Yurok Tribal Member from Trinidad Rancheria, of Eureka, CA, died “in custody” in the Humboldt County Correctional Center (Jail) on Friday, June 26, 2015.  Raymond was being held on a misdemeanor charge and was due to be released that evening. Something went horribly wrong just hours after his mother, Sheila Eacret, received the message telling her 'not to worry and charges were dropped,' that her son was being released around dinner time, 4pm in fact, that very day.

PNN-TV:No Saint-Hood For Serra/ Indigenous Resistance to the Canonization of a Murderer

(Photo by Al Osorio for PNN)

The canonization of the murderer Junipero Serra by Pope Francis, which happened on Wednesday, September 23rd, 2015, was resisted by Indigenous Peoples of the West Coast of Turtle Island, and all peoples of conscious who refust to believe the Doctrine of Discovery. 

Mi historia///My story


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Bueno parte de mi historia .

ERNESTO .El nombre que eligieron mis padres,

cuando naci eso hace ya mas de 52 años.

Ahora tengo un nombre espiritual que es YEI CIPACTLI en LENGUA NAHUATL


Y COCODRILO : donde se origino la vida y que emergio del agua yen su espalda traia los 4

colores del maiz.

Mi motivo principal de estar aqui, fue la noticia de que un bebe estaba en camino y seria el nuevo

PNN-TV: Protect Mauna Kea- The Sacred Mountain

Indigenous Peoples from Turtle Island stand at sacred site,  Sogorea Te, in solidarity with Indigenous peoples from Hawai'i fighting to protect the Sacred Mountain Mauna Kea

Appropriation Versus Reparations - the Sci-Fi Horror Movie Called Rachel D.

White culture isn’t good for anyone even white people, “ the words of my mixed race ghetto skola mama sailed through my ears when the sci-fi horror movie called Rachel Dolizol unfolded. As the white skinned daughter of a mixed race, disabled,, houseless, single mama I have always claimed my wite-skin privilege. I have named its infiltration powers and the ways this deeply racist, amerikkklan society stolen by settler colonizers who look like me have continued their legislative, education and institutional terror over everyone of color.

PNN-TV: Free West Papua!!- Deecolonize Academy Youth Skola Report

(Photo from Climate Leadership March in Oakland 2015) 

Free West Papua

The Struggle for Freedom

May 7 & 8th: California for Rich People Only: 1st Nations, Black, Brown & Poor Peoples Hold Press Conferences, Actions and Ceremonies to Resist Apartheid California

From LA to Oakland, from Salinas to San Francisco 1st Nations, Black, Brown,Disabled and Po peoples are resisting this Removal project. We are taking back our civil and human rights, our ancestral lands and saying NO we will not be moved.


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