The man in the
Uniform is what
I never wanted
To be

But here I am
Standing guard
At a super market

In the not-so
Rich part
Of town

The black and brown
And white and yellow
(And occasional red)
People walk by grabbing
Shopping carts

The badge over
My heart glints
In the artificial
Overhead lights

The economy is bad
Right now, people are
Losing homes, jobs

I guess I’m
Lucky to
Have this job

I thought myself
A revolutionary but
Find myself watching

Wondering if they’re
Concealing stolen

A black man walks
By with a

Ticket to Work

A majority  of the people on SSI and Social Security, including this poverty scholar, want to pay back the community by working regular jobs, and pay back into the tax system and pay back the debt I owe the society.

La Reforma Migratoria es solo un Cuento / The Immigration Reform is only a Story

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La Reforma Migratoria es solo un Cuento

Desde hace mucho tiempo suena en mis oidos la reforma migratoria el cual es un sonido que me tortura. El año pasado dijeron en las noticias que iba suceder una reforma migratoria para mas de 11 millones de idocumentados. Haci fueron pasando los dias los meses hasta que termino el año. Yo se que Barack Obama no es quien decida, pero si el presionara al congreso, estoy segura que se logrria una reforma migratoria.

I Am


”Notice of eviction: 30 days to vacate premises”, a neon yellow piece of paper pinned to the front door broadcasted down the block. In that moment, standing outside on the cold pavement street looking in, I realized this could soon be home.


This must be a mistake, I rationalize to myself, it’s probably just a mix up; maybe if I circle the block it will be gone when I get back. My fingers are already dialing before my brain can grasp the situation.


Recyclers are being gentrified out of their jobs, economy and survival

POOR Magazine focuses on poverty in all aspects; recycling is one of them, because poor people often do recycling as a very low-wage job.


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