International Workers Day 2013

The Eric Quezada Center For Culture and Politics is Celebrating Unity and Solidarity with Migrante/Inmigrante workers all over the world.

ACCE Releases Report on Wells Fargo's damage to California's communities

Listen to your soul's voice,

it'll tell you what

you should do”

--Displayed on the screen of

a Wells Fargo Bank ATM



Hard News at the Clinic: The Voices in Poverty Resist Series!

November 20th, 2012

I was working at K-Mart Company, as a part-time employee with no health coverage, working four hours a day. My work schedule changed weekly. When I became ill, I could not take time off to go see a doctor even if I could afford the appointment. My weekly wage was minimum: $7/hour. Just enough to pay rent, buy food, and pay for transportation.

Moving to Skid Row: The Voices in Poverty Resist Series!

November 20th, 2012

Moving to California caused me to really face the reality of the “social” aspect of life. After losing my job, home, furniture, and car, I came to the LA area knowing I could get unemployment until I found a job. Well unemployment made me fight to get in, and jobs were
hard to find.

Measure D on Minimum Wage: SF Living Wage Coalition's Report. PNN Election Issue

October 22, 2012

San Jose voters will decide on the November 6 ballot whether to have a city-wide minimum wage of $10 per hour. If passed, Measure D will establish a municipal minimum wage $2 above the state minimum wage of $8 per hour, with no exceptions, no exclusion of tipped employees - such as restaurant workers - and an annual increase based on the Bay Area’s rate of inflation.


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