Measure D on Minimum Wage: SF Living Wage Coalition's Report. PNN Election Issue

October 22, 2012

San Jose voters will decide on the November 6 ballot whether to have a city-wide minimum wage of $10 per hour. If passed, Measure D will establish a municipal minimum wage $2 above the state minimum wage of $8 per hour, with no exceptions, no exclusion of tipped employees - such as restaurant workers - and an annual increase based on the Bay Area’s rate of inflation.

Hands: A poem for Al Robles in Filipino American History Month


My father joked once
About a man who moved
His hands a lot when
He spoke

Dad would say that if

Carving a Life

(Author's note: My father, James Robles on the left, my brother Asian Robles on the right--with my sister Jade and step mother Tai)

Criminalized, Labeled and Thrown in Cold Cells

Co-editors note:

Phoenix Kat created this first piece for PNN Toronto, in a POOR Magazine revolutionary journalism workshop held  at Maggies Sex Worker Organizing Project in Toronto


(Image of some of the rampamt gentriFUKation hitting Toronto)



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