Youth Justice


Slam dunk as hard as you can

like pushing over my man.  Slam dunk like

the wind is right behind you

guiding you where you need

to go.  Slam dunk in the hall, slam dunk

in the mall but don't forget

to slam dunk at all.

Yellow Corn

December 1, 2011

Embarrassed isolation
Center of that spotlight on a darkened stage
Red hot anger surrounded by blackness
For that singe instant
When he looked across the table at me
And playing with the yellow dye #5 canned corn
On our lunch plates
“I hate this yellow corn… yellow you.”



December 1, 2011


A sharp word: Divorce
Takes to my World
A colonial town
Games and peace
On colonial tiles

“Mami” and I
My aunt’s old penthouse room
An oasis
A high stone clock

General Strike is...Decolonized

My thoughts: I thought that the general strike was impressive because there was thousands and thousands of people out there saying “We are the 99 percent”.  What the 99 percent is are all the workers in the world who get paid low-wage on jobs.  The 1 percent is all the bank corruption and the bankers from Wall Street.


Oakland General Strike 2011

I am 10 years old and my name is Day. At 10:00 am my dad and me went
to the Oakland General Strike. During it I saw a bunch of people with
bikes and people with disabilities. There wer about a ¼ mile of tents!
A lot, right? Most of the stores were shut down for the day.

After we went to the government building but they locked us out. We
stood there, me, my dad and all the people with their wheelchairs.

A Youth Poverty Skolar on "Occupy"

Image by Carina Lomeli/PNN- From Left: welfareQUEEN's Queenandi and Vivian Thorp marching in the Poor Peoples Decolonization/Occupation.

Who's Rosa Parks?

(Editor's note: This article was written in mid 2010.   We now share it as part of Revolutionary Worker Scholar's collection of essays)




It’s got our beautiful children

Living in all kinds of hell

Coping to survive and

Makin’ it well

Swinging together in

Misty darkness with all


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