Media Justice/Media Resistance

My Comrade- Richard Aoki

At almost 75 years of age, there are very few things in life that surprise me anymore. However, I can say I was not only surprised by the allegations made against my comrade Richard Aoki, I was sickened. I should not have been surprised because I know that this government still has unfinished business with us, we Panthers, and being dead doesn’t free us from their need to persecute us and create chaos and mistrust among those of us who remain.

Let's all say Goodbye to the 2012 PimpLympics


 Lets all welcome the london  Pimp- lympics


Bad Indians... "Forgive Me" for not being a Good Indian

I was told by those old ones
that every song has a special time and a place where its sang
this is our song
and this our time
they used to say the only good indian is a dead indian
i must be a no good at being indian
cuz I feel alive and kicking
we are the bastard reject children of manifest destiny

Response to Doctrine of Discovery by Native Youth Youth Sexual Health Network at the United Nations

I am here on behalf of The Native Youth Sexual Health Network, an organization that works across the United States and Canada on all issues of sexual and reproductive health, rights, and justice by and for Indigenous youth.

We would like to congratulate Chief Ed John on his appointment as Chair to the Permanent
Forum on Indigenous Issues and look forward to working with you for the advancement of the


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