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Decolonizers Guide to a Humble Revolution- A Humble Book Release Party @ Oakland Occupy (Decolonize)

Saturday, November 19th

2:30pm @ Occupy (Decolonize) Oakland @ 14th n Broadway (After the Mass Labor Rally & March) Featuring Special Guests: Rebel Diaz!!! n more!

TOMORROW- Poor Peoples Decolonization ("Occupation") From Oakland to San Francisco

Poor Peoples Decolonization (Occupation) From Oakland to San Francisco

I am Occupied/Yo Soy Occupado

Poverty, Race and the "Occupation" movements

By Tiny

Who Owns the Media?

September 12, 2011

The people who control the first level of information available to us, through our TV sets, billboards, and radios, are a select few. Rupert Murdoch owns Dish Network. AT&T owns Direct TV. Comcast (now known as XFinity) is run out of a corporation in Mexico City that owns the majority of cable networks around the world. These are just the major ones, the heavy hitters. If I didn’t mention any of the others, thank God that you’re not controlled by them.

I hear voices, see faces, of people I killed- We-Search on the Military Industrial Complex



Editors Note: PNN's  WeSearch is people-led (rather than institution led)  research and media created by the people who are impacted by the issue we do the research on. in this series we focused on the Military Industrial Complex and its impact on young people in poverty across Amerikkka.

Terry Baum Visits Community Newsroom @ POOR Magazine

Terry Baum who is running for Mayor of San Francisco Visited POOR Magazine's Indigenous News-making Circle- Community Newsroom.

Community Newsroom at POOR Magazine is open to ALL candidates who would like to speak to the youth, adults and elders in poverty who are part of our family. POOR Magazine doesn't endorse ANY candidate running for office in Amerikkka

Poison on Our Plate-The Introduction- A Public Education Project of POOR Magazine

From several hundred pesticides and toxic levels of radiation in our air and water, to poisons and frog genes in our milk and tomatoes, the youth and adult skolaz in the Revolutionary Youth Media Education (RYME) & PeopleSkool Summer Session of 2011 uncovered frightening facts about the food we eat, the air we breathe and the water we drink every day in the US.


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