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Be Seen, Not Heard: A group of protesting seniors is told there's no singing at the state capital.

Bruce Allison/PNN
Wednesday, October 24, 2007

"Be seen, but not heard." These words are often spoken to misbehaving children, yet this is what the Safety Security officer, Keith Troy (badge number 4810), patronizingly said to me and a group of fellow seniors, as we gathered inside the State Capitol in Sacramento. I remember him clearly, a young, tall, white man with blonde hair. He looked like an extra in an advertisement for the highway patrol, as he stood behind a velvet rope in front of the Governor's office, like some sort of dictator out of a cheap movie from my childhood.

The Baddest Black Newspaper in the Bay: THE BAYVIEW FACING SHUTDOWN

The San Franscisco BAYVIEW Newspaper faces shutdown!

Marlon Crump/PoorNewsNetwork
Thursday, August 21, 2008;

"Since the San Francisco Bay View National Black Newspaper will now only be an online newspaper, one of the biggest concerns is that people who are incarcerated will no longer be heard."

I learned this recently from longtime re-porters, su-pporters, activists, community members, and voices of the San Francisco Bay View National Black Newspaper.

Contrary to the legendary newspaper line often heard on television, this really "stopped the presses" for me!

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