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When We Were Kings-harassed, gentrified, silenced, criminalized for playing his drums in San Francisco

"To me, the drum has been the communicator since the beginning of time. I'm sure it was the first message ever sent. When I think of the beat centuries ago, it was the only thing that kept us together."
--Lloyd Price

A Man Without His Name is Not a Man: false accusations and the criminal Injustice System

Editor’s Note: Dale Ray’s article was facilitated by Poor Magazine columnist Tony Robles. It Reflects one man’s experience with the burden of trying to overcome the injustice and stigma of an accusation of molestation. POOR Magazine understands the severity of child molestation upon its victims and families. It is POOR Magazine’s position that a person who commits this crime against children should be punished to the fullest extent of the law. POOR also realizes that the system by which individuals are accused and incarcerated—at The same time is flawed—incarcerating and stigmatizing innocent individuals. This article is written to inform the public of this situation.

Recreation is Rife with Racism, Classism and lies in Amerikkka:

tiny aka Lisa Gray-Garcia/PNN
Sunday, January 18, 2009

“When they faced a work shortage they brought in the Chinese- they proved to be great workers, highly productive and steadfast, and the only difference is they wanted to be paid with food!”

Market Street Myth #1: economic and racial cleansing in San Francisco is promoted by the mainstream media.

Tiny (aka Lisa Gray-Garcia)
Tuesday, July 10, 2001

“Hey Tiny …Wassup – how ya Doin?” I was walking down Market Street from Eighth Street. The sun was peeking out from its delicate veil of semi-tropical clouds. Bits of its yellow sheen glistened on the newly washed cement of the wide sidewalk. When I heard that distinctive singsong rasp I knew it had to be Jonny Martinez, a homeless vet and staff writer for POOR Magazine who was sitting at a outdoor deli café drinking his morning latte, all $2.00 of it.

“Hey Wassup Jonny? I’m great, how are you?- ”I answered.

La revolucion comienza con migo!/The Revolution begins with I! The Story of Mission Resistance

Tiny aka Lisa Gray-Garcia, co-teacher, poverty scholar and daughter of Dee
Thursday, April 16, 2009

"My name is Vinnie and I make a living with this," his hands were small and Columbian--coffee brown, each finger scarred with the struggle of homelessness, racism and poverty as he carefully unfolded a 12-inch cardboard sign upon which was meticulously printed black letters stating "Starvin Like Marvin". (A reference to one of the famous sayings of middleweight boxing champion Marvin Hagler.)

ANY WHITE SPACE LEFT FOR ME? race and class analysis was scarce at the National Conference on Media Reform

Tuesday, July 1, 2008

"It's the snow that appears late at night on our TV... it can reach across oceans and mountain ranges and has the potential to provide a channel of access to many independent broadcasters, which is why the big telecoms are trying to seize it,"explained Eloise Rose Lee, from Media Alliance based in California, one of five people speaking at "The Future of the Internet" panel at the National Conference of Media Reform held in Minneapolis last week

Giuliani Time: Just When You Thought You Knew How Evil He Is! A ReVieWfortHeReVoluTion of the documentary 'Giuliani Time.'

Wednesday, December 5, 2007

"Peddlers, panhandlers and prostitutes, they all need to be cleaned out [of Manhattan]." The first time I heard Rudy Giuliani speak was on a NBC nightly news broadcast. It was 1996. I was living in Oakland, Calif., at the time -- 3,000 miles away from Manhattan, where, as mayor, Giuliani was implementing his "clean-up campaign." But the sting of his speech still scared me.

From Amy Goodman To Nadra Foster, Alternatives to Police Terror: POOR Resists Perping Po'Lice Terror, Why Can't Everyone?

Tiny aka Lisa Gray-Garcia/POOR Magazine-PNN
Thursday, October 2, 2008

The officers were waiting, loaded firearms dangling from their wastes, steel filled chests puffed out, glassy stares behind helmets, all three thousand of them - or maybe there were only 8? One got the woman from behind, one got her from the front... they knocked her down, they physically harmed her. She was one woman alone. She was a journalist doing her job. She was attacked by the police for no reason at all. Her only crime was being a media producer in a hostile location.

Digital Colonization: A Challenge for Change On The WWW

Tiny aka Lisa Gray-Garcia/PNN
Tuesday, May 11, 2010

"Real Estate is real"

--Marcel Diallo


When they come in their designer suits, driving BMW's and carrying $200 briefcases we see them. We protest, we rally, we organize and then most of the time, we still get evicted, displaced and removed from our neighborhoods, our land, our communities. 


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