Media Justice/Media Resistance

Selectively grieving, never universally mourning.

Reflections from one Virginia Tech Graduate

A New Globalized Economy or A New Globalized Poverty

In the Coachella Valley, hundreds of trailer parks house desperately poor Raza workers amid burning trash, mud, contaminated water.

Race, Disability and Justice in the Media

POOR Magazine is making changes in the way the mainstream media covers issues of race, disability, poverty and justice.

Youth in Media

Youth voices are hardly ever heard in the mainstream media today.

Another world (of media production) is possible

Another world of media production is possible at The People's Media Center and People's Press Room at the World Social Forum in Atlanta.

Another World (of Media Production) is Possible

Rarely heard voices struggling with poverty lead the extremely innovative Peoples Media Center/Peoples Press Room at The US Social Forum in Atlanta

Makin Sure All the people Own the Media

Local community in Oakland questions two FCC Commissoners about big media, stereotyping and lack of diversity in the media

The Death of Small Town America

Reflections on the journey to Atlanta

Corporate Media: The Real Brownshirts?

The Fang Corporate Media Family, rife with wealth, privilege and scandal slanders economic justice advocates by calling them "brownshirts"


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