Target Hidden in Plain Sight

By AudreyCandyCorn aka SistahSaveASoul

All I could see was red and blue and white lights piercing through the light .

Low-Key Race War

In the early 1900’s David Wark Griffith’s film “A Birth of A Nation” was dubbed one of Hollywood’s most influential films. Although the title he received came with controversy, the silent movie still grew to be very popular amongst the MAGA supporters of that particular time.


Re-Caging A Healer, Teacher, Mentor

*** Update: JV was finally released from the kkkage on Sept 24th with an INSANE ransom of $250,000.- tune in for a virtual press conference sponsored by POOR Magazine Tuesday, Sept 29th at 10am - Zoom Link: https://us04web.zoom.us/j/9432

WHAT ARE YOU HERE FOR? A Black Anarchist on Wite (Peoples) Hypocrisy

As I write this, around the country my people are rising up and along side them a wide array of different people who identify our fight as their fight, who identify with our grief and our rage, and they are in the process of tearing down the American plantation. But for my home of Olympia, I cannot say the same thing. I have been disheartened, exhausted, and pissed off by the things I have seen and experienced in the streets of oly this past week, to say the least.

Cultural Genocide - Stripped of Racial and Cultural Identity

What is cultural genocide? Cultural identity is an element that unites and binds people together.

People Skool for Poverty Skolaz- A Day in My Life

A day they will mark my life.

When people, when they come to hte United States, they right away identify as Americans. They forget about their own culture, they forget about their own families. And some of our family members need support from the family.

And some can actually fit in these USA society. They happen to be people who humiliate anyone. Without knowing that they themselves can also be facing difficult times.

So Much Violence

As a kid, I found difficulty finding logic in why people committed brutal acts of violence and the motivation behind the crimes. From ordinary citizens to law enforcement the “jones” for violence and death has become the frightening norm for today’s way of life in our “sodom and gomorrah” -like country.


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