(IDP's) International Displaced Person’s from Sudan to Oakland Poverty Skolaz go through the Doctors Without Borders Tour in Oakland

The rubber sides of the boat were like arms- thick - round - hard. “These are the boats refugees have to travel through, men sit on the side, the women, children and elders in the middle, sometimes getting splashed and sick with the leaking gasoline from the engine because they are covering miles of ocean to go from one country to another,”


Report from Puerto Rico

REPORT FROM PUERTO RICO. It's taken me a couple of days to write. I am so furious with the way the Puerto Rican people are being left to suffer and die. The US government, military, FEMA, Rossello and PR state government have mounted little response.

Dylann Roof is condemned

Dylann Roof has been found Guilty of the murders of 9 Charleston, South Carolina church goers who he murdered in cold blood at The Emanuel A.M.E church, one of the oldest historically black churches in America , during a Bible study.

Roof was found guilty on 33 charges under the US Federal hate crime bill. They are as follows:

  • Hate Crime Act Resulting in death [9 counts]

  • Hate Crime Act Involving An Attempt to Kill [3 counts]

The Phillippine Exportation/ Notes from the Inside

Editors Note: Jose H. Villarreal is one of several power-FUL PNNPlantation prison correspondents.

Gun Control and Crocodile Tears

Recently Barack Obama sign new gun control laws by way of executive order and on the surface it would appear that much of it is good but as we peer beneath the surface we begin to uncover the facade.

Royal Killing

Recently the Government of Saudi Arabia executed outspoken Shiite Muslim clients Nimr al-Nimr, a harsh critic of the Saudi government and royal family.

The struggle in Palestine

The current struggle between Israel and Palestine has been going on since 1897, close to 70 years before Israel was established or even recognized as a nation. Since early this summer nearly 70 Palestinians have been murdered in cold blood by the Israeli occupiers. 40 of them allegedly were carried out in the attempt to thwart Palestinians from committing violence against Israelis. In comparison a mere 10 Israelis have been allegedly killed by Palestinians in knife attacks and other acts of violence.

The Lie of Isis and Po'Lice -From Philadelphia to Paris- From Syria to St Louis

As people mourn the horrific bombings all over Mama earth it is disgusting to note that due to White Supremacy ruling the world even global mourning is racialized.

South Carolina terror

Image: The Mississippi state flag, complete with symbol of terror


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