Peace, NOT War!

Crisis dialogues from grassroots community based organizations, community leaders, conscious adults and youth, artists and folk on the crisis of September 11, 2001.

Interview with Congresswoman Barbara Lee

Davey D writes the FNV Newsletter. The following is an interview he did with Congresswoman Barbara Lee.

News Briefs

Local and global news related to 9-11-01 from alternative media and grassroots organizations and affilitates of PNN

From Berkeley's First Amendment Center

Coordinator John Vance offers information, insight, and reading recommendations

It's Not all that it Seems.

Bombs dropped on the US today by Terrorists....What does a terrorist look like?

We Can Stop This War!

300,000 people march in San Francisco against the war and the lies propagated by the Bush administration

From the Hip Hop Generation

*The Hip-Hop Generation Can Call For Peace by Jeff Chang

*STORM: Four Main Points

*Where is Hip Hop? Right Here! by Davey D

*The WTC Attacks by Ernie Paniccioli

Afraid of a Name

Disabled Muslim man profiled and assaulted by airline officials


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