Hellth-Care on Potrero Hill

Racist, classist hellth-care uncovered at Potrero Hill Health Center

This Man's gonna Hurt Someone or… himself

A tax on the rich of California will improve Mental Health Services for all

Descimating care for the poorest

Iris Biblowitz, a nurse at the Tom Waddell Clinic, sent this in to
San Francisco Chronicle's Joan Ryan

Its hard to tell what the true numbers are

County Hospital Admissions Up By 10% Since June!
Two County Clinic Closures Are Painful

The Salesman

A narrative essay on Forced Treatment and The Anti-psychiatry conference in San Francisco

1..2..3..4.. The APA is a Corporate Whore!!!

Survivors and Consumers of the Mental Health Monopoly hold an anti-psychiatry conference and protest in San Francisco

Who Gets Quarantined?

The New 'SARS' Quarantine proposed by Bush/Cheney Inc.- An Opinion Editorial

The Politics of our health

One of the largest LA County Health Facilities serving the working poor is threatened with closure

Who gets to live?... Profit Over Cure

Doctors without Borders create a traveling exhibit on unequal access to healthcare and treatment


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