TURF Stopping BIG Tobacco

With tobacco there is terrible withdrawal, it is almost impossible for a lot of people. I did, I went cold turkey, they never had any patches in those days but grass was not difficult, alcohol not difficult, but tobacco – OH MY GOD” – Anonymous

Within my childhood home, four of my family members smoked and chewed
tobacco. I have a feeling they would have expressed similar struggles attempting to
quit using tobacco. As the oldest of six siblings and cousins residing in my twelve-

PNN-TV: Richmond (CalifasAztlan) Represents n Resists!

PNN-TV had the blessing of being a small part of this powerful day of health, resistance, healing and medicine in the city of Richmond, CalifasAztlan.

Extractions Only

Aie! that pain! Lower left rear tooth is the focal point. It’s an open faucet that fills my head with pain! My head so full of pain that any capacities I’d had, for empathy or abstract cognition are drowned in pain. Pain so bad, I thought I was gonna puke. Further, the absence of an action plan addressing the issue gives rise to rampant anxiety.

From Vallejo: Deep Interdependence

March 29, 2012

Image: Plans for the Vallejo waterfront

Thinking about Olmstead

(Editor's note--This article is reprinted from "Long Term Care News and Views", published by Planning for Elders in the Central City, Volume 17, Issue 2, February 2012)


Why Am I Trying to Kill Myself-? One Poverty Skolar's Struggle with Life and Depression

I came home, got a letter from my cousin. The letter said that he opened his second million dollar restaurant.
I looked around at my small studio apartment, dirty due to my hoarding/cluttering disease, figuring that I am just as
smart as my cousin. So I figured out a way to commit suicide by laying on my back in the bathtub, let the water cover
my eyes, nose, and mouth, and keep the water running. As I was slowly going into slumber... My neighbor downstairs


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