Swedish Hospital: The Cost of Truth


The pretty and the grizzled, the kind and the embittered, all have lives and stories they have worked hard for that with God’s bidding may help other’s. In this process I survived to learn that fear comes in many forms, flavors and textures.

HELLthcare at Kaiser Permanente

A man is denied access to health care from Kaiser after being told he has "six months to live."



'Kaiser killed me,' said William Fortson, a guest speaker at POOR magazines monthly Community Newsroom meeting.'Kaiser killed me.' Say what?? Is this the same Kaiser that has spent millions of dollars in a marketing campaign telling us how well they take care of us; the same Kaiser insurance my job supplies me with?


Marlon Crump/PoorNewsNetwork
Wednesday, February 17, 2010;

"Its going to adversely affect a lot of folks who depend on St. Luke's right now for their health care." This was a statement of concern from Emily Lee, staff of Chinese Progressive Association, a respected community grass-roots organization during a recent POOR interview regarding the hospital's future.

Don't Spray On Me: Families, children resist this inhuman and very questionable "spraying" of our lan

Tony Robles/PNN
Monday, April 21, 2008;

"Profits enslave the world"
--Filipino American labor organizer Philip Vera Cruz

The cat sprayed in the computer and now the government wants to spray on us. The reason? It's called LBAM, aka the light brown apple moth. The state and big agribusiness is putting out propaganda that says this little moth--unless controlled by spraying--will cost California billions of dollars in lost crop export revenue.

The Color of Trust: the impact of AB1800 on African American mental health consumers.

Leroy F. Moore Jr.
Wednesday, March 1, 2000

In a recent study, reserchers at the Universtiy of California at Berkeley School of Social Welfare found that at least one-third of Blacks receiving psychiatric care in the Los Angeles and San Francisco Bay area emergency wards were given twice the dosage of an anti-psychotic drug, compared with patients of other races. This is not surpising because African Americans have a long history of being over-medicated by the mental health system.

No More Hospital Duping (or Dumping!): Community members demand an end to the dumping of poor and homeless patients by Bay Area

Bruce Allison/PNN
Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Around 8:00 am on a cool San Francisco morning, I walked into the Kaiser Hospital and met James Chionsini, a member of Health Care Action Team. We sat in the lobby and began speaking with Lionel Stanford, a formerly homeless senior from Honduras.

Loopholes- More Budget Lies: PNN Elder Scholar Deconstructs Budget Cuts!

Bruce Allison/PNN
Thursday, November 20, 2008

The mayor has found another loop-hole for the mid-season budget cuts. The smallest of the cuts is to the Mayor’s office which is a total of $541,870.

The area that the mayor is using from the San Francisco City charter is 3.001.

Basically, this says that the portion of the charter states that the mayor has “wide and varied powers”.

Death of California's Care-giving: The Tragedy of California's In-Home Support Services Program

Bruce Allison/PNN
Friday, February 12, 2010;


In-Home Supportive Services as we know it began in 1969. The average person in need of IHSS was sent to a nursing home. Nursing homes were crowded, expensive, and more abusive than they are today (though abuse is abuse, and can’t be channeled into the “good ol’ days” or the ”bad ol’ days”) people liked the idea of living in their own homes, freer to do what they wanted instead of what nursing home staff thought was “good for them”.

Poor People Only Have HELLthcare: Part of a PNN series on the real situation for poor people needing healthcare in Amerikkka

Marlon Crump and Laure McElroy/PNN poverty scholars in residence
Sunday, October 11, 2009

“I have cataracts in both eyes, diabetic feet, advanced periodontal disease and PTSD, “ says Mesha Monge-Irizary,a local organizer, powerful woman, and the founder of ISARC (Idriss Stelley Action Resource Center). Mesha continued, “Now that medi-Cal cut off othamology, podiatry, dentistry, and long-term mental healthcare I may be forced to die blind, with amputated feel, toothless and crazy!"


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