“F- tha Police. This was murder,”

Thousands of Power-FUL young people demand justice for Andy Lopez


From South Carolina to Santa Clara - the Homeless to Jail Pipeline Continues

(image of Poverty Skolaz from POOR Magazine and LA CAN/WRAP fighting the criminalization of poverty through our voices, our solutions, our self-determined actions)

Whack, Tap, Crack, the sound of the steel Po'Lice flashlight on a car window is like no other, and always had the same effect on homeless me and mama, blood-curdling fear. I thought about our constant po'lice harassment, abuse and eventual arrest for the sole act of being houseless in Amerikkka when i heard about South Carolina's "new" law that officially made it illegal to be homeless in downtown Columbia, SC

Fighting For Our Mama Earth

(Scroll Down to Watch More PNN-TV interviews from the March)

Tha' Poor Peoples Plate-Race, Poverty, GMO's & Our Food

(pictured from left: POOR Magazine family marching in Sacramento against Monsanto Queenandi Xsheba, Dee Allen and Tony Robles)



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