El Abuso De los Soldados en la Guerra


Miedo para la mujer y tristesa porque no hay ayuda.

Celebrate Mother's Day with the Coalition on Homelessness!

Thu, 05/09/2013 - 10:00am - 1:00pm

What if your mother was homeless?

Beautiful the lives of our mothers with the gift of a home!


Celebrate Mother's Day with the Coalition on Homelessness. Join us for breakfast on May 9th at 10 am at 468 Turk Street, and unite with us in a rally in front of the City Hall at noon.

Show your support in the hope of creating awareness about and demand more housing and homeless prevention funds for homeless mothers and women in San Francisco.

Isolation: Not Mommy's Fault


In the largest, creaky-est, most beautiful Victorian house on the block of a suburb of Detroit, resides the most beautiful Puerto-Rican, Filipina, Japanese, and White family. Each member of the family locks themselves in their own room.  The silence and loneliness in a house that is a home to 9 people is unnatural- frightening even.

ACCE Releases Report on Wells Fargo's damage to California's communities

Listen to your soul's voice,

it'll tell you what

you should do”

--Displayed on the screen of

a Wells Fargo Bank ATM




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