"The Governator": A Review For The Revolution

It is no secret ex-California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger has a (distinctly low-brow) sense of humor, but who knew he'd like his it's-a'good-and-a-bad-thing "Governator" nickname so much?

A television cartoon of the same name is to be made (with scripts written by Marvel Comics legend Stan Lee...tell me it ain't so Stan!), to focus on Schwarzenegger's real political life history and to make his post-politics life a superhero fantasy.  Conan the Batman anyone?

El Mosquito Kills Drone that Killed Osama Bin Laden.... and thousands of mamas, babies and elders in Iraq, Libya, Afghanistan, Palestine and Pakistan

El Mosquito, panhandler by day, superhero by night, speaker of over 370 lost indigenous languages and protector of all indigenous and poor peoples across Pachamama kills the drone that killed thousands of poor mothers, babies, and elders from Iraq, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Libya and Palestine.


Microeconomics: Scavenging to Survive in Pasadena

To support her family, an undocumented worker gathers recyclables from street-side containers. 'I do it out of necessity,' she says.

Tuesday, March 25, 2008;

para espanol, mira abajo

It's not yet 3 a.m. Juana Rivas grabs her shopping cart and steps off the curb into the dark.

She shields herself from the cold with a sweat shirt and jacket, along with a pink hat and gloves she bought at the 99-cent store. Only a barking dog interrupts the silence.

The Murderous Injustice of Racial Profiling /Resistance Blog Series - a Project of PeopleSkool


            “You- are -eight-y sixed”, he unblinkingly growled through bared teeth. What is eighty sixed? I thought to myself.  The bar blurred, my pants grew moist and the rancid smell of alcohol filled my nostrils. I was on a Bar’s floor with a pool stick around my neck. Once the pool stick was taken from around my neck I instantly called the police.

I am a Survivor .....Libah Sheppard speaks on sexual and physical abuse

Every 2 minutes, someone in the U.S. is sexually assaulted In criminal law, rape is a type of sexual assault usually involving sexual intercourse against another person without that person's consent.



Who Are They Fooling?

...will add audio later...

When I was fifteen I dreamed about being 21

Couldn't wait for that freedom

My own place would be so much fun

But when I left my gardenland of childhood bliss

You know I never thought I

Would have so much to miss...


Why didn't anybody tell me

All those things I needed to know

Why did they fill me

With meaningless innuendos

I coulda done so much better

Ingrid escribe sobre CasaSeguro/ Ingrid writes on Homefulness

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Soy una mujer Guatemalteca, madre de 4 niños.

Pobre porque haci nasi. En mi tierra me sentia sola ahunque tenia a mis hijos y a mi madresita.

Pero siempre me hacia falta algo muy importante. Cuando me divorcie me quede sin hogar.

Yo me fui a la capital con el bebe. Aveces yo no comia por miedo de quedarme sin dinero! Y sin trabajo!


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