PAINTING THE REAL PICTURE: Youth Group organizes day to raise awareness about homeless families in the Bay Area

Monday, October 16, 2000

A cold grey mist carpeted the cement floor- and gathered at the base of the massive palm trees. Those large, brown, dusty trees that lined the path of what looked like a half-constructed Taj Majal. As I drove in to the circle of municipal art structures in the interior of Golden Gate Park towards an event entitled; Painting The Picture, Raising Awareness About Homelessness’ I started to get nervous.....

Infanticide or insurmountable economic injustice: recent cases of Bay Area infanticide by very low-income mothers

Sunday, July 25, 2004

My three pound eyelids crashed down into their exhausted eye beds…"Whoo whooooo" My baby's fever-filled scream of need shatter them open……and then they drop once again for a sweet, guilt-inducing second of pseudo-sleep

"Whoo whooo" … only to be ripped from their just-about-but-not-quite sleep state once again by his desperate cry.

From Haiti to Hayward: The Myth of the Orphan Locally and Globally

Tiny aka Lisa Gray-Garcia/ Daughter of Dee
Friday, February 12, 2010;

Orphan-(def:) a child deprived by death of one or usually both parents- one deprived of some protection or advantage

"In corners of streets and rooms,
on curbs, alleys, broken beds,
in someone’s ambivalent arms,
always in danger of harm
never invited,
belonging to no-one,
language, culture, people stolen
cared for by default,
a price on my head.
I am the orphan,
used, pimped, dis-mantled,
in the shackles of un-love,
left for dead.
emotionally deconstructed-
always unprotected"

Espiritu De Mama Dee - The Roadtrip:Eldership, Ancestor Worship, Interactive Art honoring Mama Dee (Gray) of POOR Magazine

Friday, May 19, 2006;

Before Mama Dee,an African Puerto Rican and Irish orphan from the north side of Philadelphia, had passed, she told me that she never wanted to be buried in the ground, she, coming from a long line of poor women who didn't even have money for a burial plot. In fact, in a post-modern hindu-cum-chrisburden-cum-live-art performance, my mama wanted her body to be attached to the top of our car and driven around for a year.

Silenced Mamas: Challenging An Anti-Mama San Francisco Family Law Court Judge

Marlon Crump/PNN
Tuesday, April 22, 2008;

We're not just members of the bar
Here in Familawt,

We're connoisseurs of the bizarre!
Best interests of the children is our watchword
We frown upon disparagement and blame
In short there's simply not, a more congenial spot

For ending your relationship than here in Fam-i-lawt

(Sung to the tune of Camelot, written by David Fink.)

Justice Fo Da Mamaz: Part II: Single mamaz fight back against an unjust judge

Marlon Crump
Tuesday, May 27, 2008;

What do we want?


Who do we want it for?

Poor mamas struggling!


A bias judge!

When do we want it?


Mama Jewnbug speaks UP on Childcare

Po Mamaz – a media advocacy segment of the welfareQUEENS

Po Mamaz – a media advocacy segment of the welfareQUEENS


by JewnBug, Media facilitator: Wendy Fong

When a woman is persecuted for standing her ground

One Black woman's journey through life, motherhood and struggle.

Tiny aka Lisa Gray-Garcia's Biography

(Go to for Tiny's current work )

Incarcerated for Crimes of Poverty
That’s being homeless,
Being poor
And being on welfare
In this Capitalist Society
Currently At-risk
Of Falling Back in the Cracks
On this earth
To save the world
Through the Word
And in the process –
Me and mines….


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