Save Dee and Tiny! Pt 7

The story of Dee and tiny, the previously homeless, currently at-risk mother daughter art duo, and co-editors of POOR Magazine/PoorNewsNetwork is a many layered, multi-colored panopoly of poverty, struggle and myth...

The Anti-GentriFUKation Mural @ POOR Magazine/Prensa POBRE

The Anti-GentriFUKation Mural is an art in resistance project of POOR Magazine/Prensa POBRE

The Anti-GentriFUKation Mural was co-created by youth, children, mamas, daddys and elder poverty, migrant and indigenous scholars and gentriFUKation survivors in residence at POOR Magazine/Prensa POBRE in collaboration with revolutionary artists Asian Robles, Carina Lomeli, Muteado Silencio, Nube, Vivian Thorp, Tiny and Oji Eli.

Paying Respect (For Al Robles)

Shhhhhh listen with your heart
Brown Yellow, Red
voices of color
Rising us up from boxes
people put us in
Yes, I’m Black
feeling activist elders from all ethnic cultures

Combining communities
Through the arts
Black, Chicano, Asian, Native, Women Gay Arts Movements
From Manilatown to Motown
Homo-Hop to Krip-Hop

La Mission/ The Mission

La Mission/ The Mission

La Mission es pa’ que nuestra gente que quede y no se aleje

The Mission is for our people to stay and don’t go away…


Ikaw ilog ng laya kasama sa kamatayan

Al Robles

Ang mabait kapatid na lalaki

Ang matalino kapatid na lalaki

Ang maganda kapatid na lalaki

Ode to the Life in a Library that Uncle Al is Giving to us all...

To the life in a library
and a library in the living

to the spirits of people kept from
left from
undone by never being sung

to the dreams and schemes
of mamas and daddys
who plant deep seeds
when they teach their children to read
while they struggle to find food to eat

to ritmo y congo
y ukelele and

these beats are swimming - in a library thats living
in a library that's alive
not dead

Tambien la luvia (Even the rain) a PNN ReViewsForTHe RevOlution movie review


"Siempre es dinero (its always about money)...." We open with Spanish filmmakers Gael Garcia Bernal and Luis Tosar driving their late model SUV’s through a lush green backdrop of our sacred Pachamama, chuckling, bickering, thinking of the ways they will produce a movie about Christopher Columbus with a small budget by exploiting the indigenous peoples of Bolivia and their lands


To Close

Monday, June 7, 2010;


To close a gap we pull together

hold it tight lash it glue it weld it

chain it nail it screw it kiss it


to close a deal we shake it sign it

pay it cash on the barrel take it

make sure you don't break it


to close a job we check it fix it

pack it sweep it detail it play it

invoice it then haul out and bless it


to close a heart we hit it slash it

The Rug Metaphor

The Metaphor Exercise is one of many creative writing exercises we use in the multi-lingual, multi-racial, multi-generational Revolutionary Journalism Class at PeopleSkool.


POOR Press 2011 Books Released in Black History Month!

“POOR Magazine has an open door for whoever wants to enter. I feel a deep admiration and respect and also an eternal gratitude to POOR Press. (POOR Magazine) I can only say thank you to everyone who helped to write my book.” Maria Molina, Migrant Scholar and debut POOR Press Author of her newly released book, “Humble Professional.”



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