Landlessness and Colonization on a Waiting List

Picture credit http://www.firstnations.eu/indian_land.htm featured online firstnations.eu. "No Justice on Stolen Land," protest placard. Photo: anon

Poem is dedicated to Indigenous Elder Scholar, Myron Standing Bear and his struggle to receive his housing that was stolen from him by members of the San Francisco Housing Authority . He went from #1 to #564 on the S.F.H.A. Housing Waiting List for being Indian.



“We don’t work with Indians!”

I have the best lawyer - God!

A life-long Mission resident fights eviction for all of us


"I will continue to fight! I'll bring this all the way to the supreme court if necessary.." Jose Morales' voice was loud and clear, seamlessly moving between English and Spanish as he outlined his refusal to be illegally evicted from his residence of 40 years in the Mission district of San Francisco.

Mama Dee's Manifesto on Class and Race Privelege

A letter from Mama Dee to the Poverty, Race and Media Justice mentees at POOR Magazine


We have read all of your applications. Many of you have had access and privilege beyond anything we, a poor, mixed race, single mama and daughter and many of our fellow poverty skolaz we work, advocate for and struggle with, have every known.

Many of you have had exciting extracurricular and postgraduate volunteer work. Exciting is the operative word here. Some of you have had well-paying and interesting jobs as well.



Nelson was this big

Irish kid that lived

Up the street from

My grandma

He used to hang out

With this black kid

Named "D" who lived

Near him

Nelson’s hair was brown

And unkempt which

Made it all the more


He wore Ben Davis pants

And sometimes he’d walk


Marlon Crump/PoorNewsNetwork
Wednesday, February 17, 2010;

"Its going to adversely affect a lot of folks who depend on St. Luke's right now for their health care." This was a statement of concern from Emily Lee, staff of Chinese Progressive Association, a respected community grass-roots organization during a recent POOR interview regarding the hospital's future.

94 and Still Homeless

A family in poverty, Larry, Bessie and Charlie, vs. the System and Poli-tricks

Marlon Crump/Poverty Scholar/POOR Magazine
Tuesday, October 24, 2006;

The walls are covered by a collage of pictures of people who have fallen as a result of San Francisco Police Department (SFPD) violence; mostly black youth and youth of color whose lives were stolen and cut short. Set within the walls is a feeling of revolution and liberation and also a deep sadness.

The Idriss Stelley Foundation (ISF) is a safe haven as well as an underground railroad for people who have been brutalized by the SFPD.

Heaven is in Manilatown

By Marlon Crump/PNN

Heaven's never hard to find
He found it the day he came
Though I knew you a short while
The legend of your strength, courage, and love stretches farther than the Nile
Heaven is now a Manila Town
The angels, elders, dearly departed, and even the birds of the air
wholeheartedly embrace you
Their arms were already open. awaiting the day that you would meet them
Heaven is now a Manila Town
The ethereal ray of light of your soul soaring through the sky can be seen by all of us...........even on the sunniest day


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