Rest In Poetry Mama Maya - POOR Magazine family Honors Ancestor Warrior Poet Maya Angelou

"We may encounter many defeats but we must not be defeated." ..Maya Angelou The Art of Fiction No. 119, the Paris Review

The Wealth-Hoarders and land-stealers change the locks on Black History in San Francisco

Marcus Books Raises $250,000 to buy back their own store and still gets locked out,- but they aren't giving up!

This Can Happen to You!

May 6, 2014

This story is about something that can happen to you. Let’s take the way-back machine to the end of March 2012 in San Francisco. Kathy Galves had just been kicked out of her house in San Francisco that she loved and adored. An evil bank named Wells Fargo and an unfair court system with a judge that violated her civil rights had booted her out.


The old woman comes in from the garden and sets a basket of lemons, tomatoes and eggplant alongside the sink, wrapping the remainder of her bounty in wax paper and tying it with a bit of string.

The New Freedom Ride...Against GentriFUKation

We stood strong youth and elders together walking, calling, singing manifesting spirit. The spirit of our African ancestors, our indigenous ancestors, our Freedom Riders, Our Freedom walkers, into the hallowed, marbled floors of City Hall to save another Black family from forced Out Migration.

Leno and Ammiano try to Amend the Landlord Law-aka The Ellis Act

(Image of Remigio Fraga with Idriss Stelley Foundation outside the Ellis Act Evictions are Elder Abuse action sponsored by POOR Magazine, Idriss Stelley Foundation, The Manilatown Heritage Foundation and the SF Bay View)

Co-editors Note-We evicted peoples wish these conscious senators luck- in the mean-time we continue with filing criminal charges on the spekkkulators)



Three Stories from Benito

Painting by Tiffany Aldridge

Ellis Act Evicted Tenants Meet with the District Attorney–The Elder Abuse Crime of Ellis Act Evictions Part 3

They were posted up at every cubicle. Threatening, over-muscled, green beret-like necks bulging with implied violence. Police officers, swat team members? The miniscule 1940’s doorways could barely hold them and there they stood anyway, watching us as we filed in to meet with the San Francisco District Attorney to file criminal charges of elder abuse under penal code 368, on the speculators using the Ellis Act to evict elders for profit.


It's Not About You





The bespectacled Samoan

Preacher with the gray suit

And glorious head of hair

To match broke it down:


It’s not about the developers

And gentrifiers and the

People who crash Dia De Los

Muertos and eat Thai food


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