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The brain becomes a
smoldering cauldron of thought,
refining a notion
thus relieving reality; its dross.
That is,
that which is
the false of
physical inhibitions.


So let me get this s**t here straight!!!
I should feel bad because you feel bad
but it's you who hurt me!!
God rest the dead
James Brown said
and Areatha said

So don't call, don't write,
don't even fly a kite
YA understand me!!!
I'll call you, when and if I
ever feel better!!
And even then you'd better
man up to a long
Love letter! 


Every morning my hopes run high.
I rise ready to see the sun in your
beautiful brown eyes.
We walk, we talk
the day comes, the day goes
and then at it's end the light grows dim because for now
I am apart from you until the next A.M.
when the brilliance of your light
in my life
gives me hope filled reason
to rise again. 

Who Are They Fooling?

...will add audio later...

When I was fifteen I dreamed about being 21

Couldn't wait for that freedom

My own place would be so much fun

But when I left my gardenland of childhood bliss

You know I never thought I

Would have so much to miss...


Why didn't anybody tell me

All those things I needed to know

Why did they fill me

With meaningless innuendos

I coulda done so much better

Who Else But US?

Hey! Misaligned nation in a candy-coated thumbscrew
Who's gonna bring the REAL news to you?
Sometimes homeless humans, finding lucrative jobs
Significant employment, the system otherwise robs
Inspecting the issues, taking a stand
Providing needed insight, impact by demand
Making a difference, one paper at a time
For the reader AND the seller--just spare a dollar (not a dime)

Disparity: Who Polices the Police?

Two words come to mind, right off the bat.  1) brutal, and 2) hypocrisy.  As defined by Webster's "New World" dictionary, brutal means: a brute; very savage, cruel, etc. 2. very harsh.  And hypocrisy means: 1. a pretending to be what one is not, or to feel what one does not; esp., a pretense of virtue, piety, etc.  This, I say here, is something to consider when one contemplates the motto printed on every standard police car in Seattle and beyond...To serve and protect. 

Reggie's Corner Rap - Spring Is Green

Whew! I am drinking a hot cup of herbal lemon tea, out on this cold corner people are passing by to catch the buses. Noisy traffic is darting out in every direction of the city. It's been a long cold winter but today I can see some sunshine, tis the middle of February .
February is the most strangest month of the year. According to wikipedia: " February was named after the latin term februum,which means purification, via the purification ritual Februa held on February 15 (full moon) in the old lunar Roman calender."


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