Tell Joe

Living A Life.

Turn of the wheel.

I can change titles.

From pits to cherries.

Think I'll live and learn

some more.

My Answer is

Support Lori Phanachone! Stop assimilation of AmeriKKKa.


A Sequel to "Whose Budget? OUR BUDGET!"

Platinum Period/Visitor From Lil' America

What A Day!

Balling For Hours.

Now,On With The Work.

New Move. Digs/Evolution's Goo

Once again, time to move.

Georgous Space WoW!

May This be the last move.

But then again who knows?

The Claus Crap, Fix It.

Sunrise Ceremony On Alcatraz.

New Ads, different take on St. Nick.

If the Give-To-Self-Gift is give us.

It will be the Ultimate Gift Ever!

One Lone Voice

At times Change is hard.

Life lived,thought in certain ways, terms.

If one can whether and learn,

A softer change is afforded one.

For those unwilling,unable or refusing to see...

They might depart the world rather than...

remain living in an ever changing one.

Sunrise Ceremony/Why Are You Here?

Sunrise Ceremony:Origins.

Long nights,short days.

A bud's golden soul.

Wrong humor on solemn ceremony.

Aftermath,what's nest on horizon.

Her/Her story Made by all of us

Well vote time again.

If Change is the word...

Imagine much longer lives!

Holy Life Extension Folks!


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