Tell Joe

Her/Her story Made by all of us

Well vote time again.

If Change is the word...

Imagine much longer lives!

Holy Life Extension Folks!

Night And DaY Transformed


An Occasion for The Ages.

Ancestors are weeping this night.

Could America regain it stature.

The world gasped,WE FREAKIN' DID IT


STUNNED THE WORLD Giving People and adding

WINGS to Hope

Hayes And Mac Gone

Pride almost fell me.

Three Stars Died maybe more.

One Woman,two men all Shining Stars.

I beat my own bias.

Here's to all who've also won.

Wymyn,Men & The Universe Next Door

The title says it all.

Men falling down.

Are women leadership ready?

Let's Peak at a Universe nearby.

Think "SLIDERS" Same World...

Different Universe, Alternate Reality or...


The Size Matters Stuff

Women wound us here

Because we let 'em

I'm gonna nip this crap Now!

Meanwhile applied science quicken

Many Women's new complaint will be...

Can't use size matters dodge anymore

Mortality Malaise

Aches,pains,the norm.

Given a health warning...

what do you do?

Especially if $$$$ is an obstacle?

Improvise,be creative,get healtiher.

Male Discrimination

Yes,Men Are Being Set Apon.

We've Taken It For Years.

What Do Some Women Want?

To Keep Taking It,Cause Like.

kicks to the balls...

They Don't Really Want an= Footing.

Enough Of This Rigged Game.

Finally, A Bike!

Somethings are worth the wait.

Somethings can never be.

Both experiences were worth going through.

May the rest of our lives be less complex.

Murals & Orgasms - 5/10/08

The title to entice.

Real Knowledge worth knowing.

Carnal Knowledge is...

Art/Science,Endlessly Fascinating.

While Politics leaves me cold.

Warm Human keeps me aware and heated.

Early Trick On Voters

Rarely I write Political guff.

A friend says "Person is Political.

Probably true,it will not make me any
less apolitical.


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