Tell Joe

Future Father's Day

Is Father's Day Less Important?

Are men in general fed up?

Women raising boys minus dads...

Is it really no big deal,any woman can?

What sort of men do boys become?


Oakland Social Service organization’s protest one day’s eviction notices given to poor Oakland tenants and multi-service agencies.

Rules 'n'Junk Pt. 2

Gals and Guys might get
amgry but know where to
write, right?

F.C.C., /Get Wealth Fast Schemes

Federal Communications Commission.

Is the I-Net for all of us...

or just the cash flow few?

Women may be tired of this writing... Get use to it gal-pals. Hey Guys. We are every bit as complex a species as they are.

Enough gloating, lets find
other complexities of the human male.

Its good to know testosterone isn't
really a death sentence of hormonal rage...

Essentially men lag behind women but eventually catch up like the tortoise and the hare tale.
Remember who eventually won and why?

Cashless Care/City Hall. A glorious free for all, Democracy at its sneakiest.

I kept myself from sleeping
by sittin on tacks.

Someone had to speak up, I
doubt it should to be me.

Regular Married People? Same Sex Folk Families No longer a Crime.

Same Sex sodomy laws
off the books.

Being married to a
man or woman no longer a sacred deal?

Now the future looks like
the "FUTURE"!


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