Tell Joe

Regular Married People? Same Sex Folk Families No longer a Crime.

Same Sex sodomy laws
off the books.

Being married to a
man or woman no longer a sacred deal?

Now the future looks like
the "FUTURE"!

G.W. Mr. Yesteryear

The President-Select Shows The
Bad Side Of Human Throwbacks.

There are known to be good things from
the past, a cool breeze. Not G.W. It's more of
stagnant, still waters or hot, stale, air.

A Strontium-90 Feel

Atomic Tests and Mutations
in People is the subject.

Why this? Because its just
how my mind works, I guess.

Rules Comm. & The New Visitor Policy

Folks, Another non column.

Just a flash of info
so relax a bit.

9th Circuit Court on Pol, Special Session Today (Mon. 9/21/2003.

The Cali Joke's not funny
as Judge, lawyer's speak legalisms
over possible ballot mechanical

Did my civic dute early,but
looks like Oct.7, could be another...

Sorry, gotta vote again deal.

Mutual Neutral Ground

Homeless, working poor, their
advocates and Sup. Newsom
should get together.

Between so many brains working
together for the common goal

S.F.#1 problem could possibly
begin solving these issues.


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