Tell Joe

Constant Change/Metaphor My Eye!

Change the only Constant.

Must Escape G.A. Zone Forever.

Travels,Ventures then home.

Personal Quest Resumed

H. S. Reunion Daze

A long while avoiding.

Frightening isn't it?

Going back there... TO


After Bush/Obama Times Pt. 1

Too Many Lives,Loves Lost.

This Will End Soon.

Are you Ready For, The Next Phase

G.A. Blues, Life Extension for all.

Gen. Assistance hassles

From small to large life X lives.
Selfish Altrusim no oxymoron/contradiction
in terms.

Dating And Such

Women have the upper hand.

They only want equality...
when its suits them.

Women/Men have rules both need not
be mutually exclusive.

The Age: May - Sept. Thing.

May,September Romance/Lust or Both.

Yes,Know Old guy young Girl/Woman prob.
What to do as both men,women become goodies
lusting for each other?

Funny!Men hide their libido's,women hide
theirs,though our reasons differ.

Vote, Complain, Pols Not Rest!!!

Damn! Vote time again.

I dislike this pol stuff.

Good Dead Days Pt. 1

Folks think back to so called
good old days.

When life began to quicken a bit.

Is our breakneck advancement worth it?

Date of Memories And Tears<br>

A day,
a time,
a place.

this too shall pass...

only if lessons learned seared into our
souls make us never act in haste.

This includes warring with nations supposedly
weaker than we for personal scores,and gain.

Crisis Pt. 2

After the New York trip is done.

Having a month of freedom.

Its G.A.,a last lucky holiday before
returing to the City.

Life does not suck as long as one

is living it; its all good.


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