Tell Joe

Crisis, G.A. And Truth. Pt.1

Family hassles, money.

New York revisited...

Again,missing Knish's and
Orange Julius.

Gender Beefs

Romance And Relationships For
Mature Males.

Not Necessarily Propagate.

A Last Farewell -Thurs. August 5, 2004. It Had to Happen, Now's The Time.

I'm leaving POOR.

Way past time.

They,their interns taught me
alot,now its go time.

What We Do Best, Pt. 1 Make money, create new technologies and sell 'em globally.

Anti Aging,is it still a joke?

As those of you still laugh keep it

As Extended Life improves,I hope to be
one of the early practioners.

In the end I will not laugh,at the dead
no time for that just living long will be my
large horse laugh, Enshala.

Human Imperfections. I'm walking along minding my business suddely a woman cringes. I know why, but its no longer my problem.

I'm a imperfect looking person but
what is a perfect looking human?

Its too late now for my brain-optical defect
only time and technology will help.

The future is here,time to make the best of it.

FCC, Public Access Pt. 2. Maybe Mikey Collin Jr. will think PUBLIC NOT 24 HR. Market Driven Concept!

To tired,though its important.

Next time bring bag lunches.

Public must stay alert...

Don't pay 'em if they don't do right.

That's Playing Their B-L Market?

Democrats/New Org. Out With What Has Not Worked In With What Can.

All I'm saying is get out there-VOTE!

Want a rerun of the last four years...?

Save your friends,loved ones,and yourself
a chance for change has come again,grab it folks.

F.C.C., Public On Media. Controlled, Frenzied, Pandomium in Scenic Monterey.

Great place to visit where
citizens are as informed as anyone.

Isolated,Staid folks My Ass.

Its Not San Francisco...

Monterey is way more safer and friendlier

Gov's 2 Word Jibe. What can one say, words can be worse than sticks and stones; They Cut Deeper.

I'm back from rest.

A curious term "Girlie Man."

Space,Moon,'n Mars For White Flight

Out of sight,out of mind.


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