Tell Joe

Best Destinies: Afterthoughts. At midcentury one must reflect on times losses and gains.

Destiny:Long or short we all have one.

No smart remarks except from...

'Treker Folk,using arcane knowledge.

War 'Prez? Not In '05. Do we need this guy protecting up from a war he created?

Folk's you know we won't go for
this "War 'Prez,Make Me Legit." Crap.

Low Carbs & Women Friends. Yeah. Food, Fem Friends, and women breaking their own rules.

Yes,Males,and Females can be
platonic close friends.

A warning to those pondering it...

Be aware of what you ask,but if broken
place blame on your own desire first and foremost
before anyone else.

Post Film Freak Out. Sometimes People Just Go TILT!

I don't who the disturbed 'bro was.

Huge chip he wants knocked off.

Guy needed to vent,I'm just there.

If I'm beaten up or worse...

I want friends and John Law all up this hyper,
enraged,psycho's ass.

Platonic Overkill. Yes, Platonic Love is sweet, kind, pure but I wonder if women get blue vagi's like men. Bet They Do.

So you proved to her your a safe,
no-sex hetero guy.

Your in her heart,soul and she's in yours.


Its not cheating,its sex with women seeing
you as more than a friend,have fun.

Then tell your platonic perfect other all about it.

G-Panic? C'mon Hetro's. What Makes us so called (real)M? so squeamish about Gay Men?

Where do all these alternate sex folks
originate from?

Those evil,slutty,dirty men and women
better known as Heterosexual Couples.

Does this guy have alternative ideas to jail and finds, D'oh.

Will Supe. Galvin Newsom
help, hinder, or hide
the growing homeless
gordian knot?

Can it be untied or must
it be broken to begin again?

Pol Days Numbered, Ever been in a job where 'ya learned a lot but you overstayed being there?

Time to see the world.

Make more money,travel maybe make it

Must get out of a rut.

Classic Cola 2. I don't know if this is a farce or a real taste test.

Are we being taste test dummies

You know what happened with Classic
Coke,they'F_ _ _ _D up the formula and coke
never tasted the same.

Maybe they got it right this time...
but if if does taste like original coke,
haven't we been fooled again?

Or is it a new lode of crud?

You Can't Win Pic's. Saw it on a free newspaper vendor, wondered at its meaning.

Ever see some words and wondered
about their meaning?

Here's what my thoughts on it.

Let someone else do the No Win Dance...

There's enough strife,why take others
up on their's.


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