Tell Joe

Fast Time Friday, Well, I'm late to the ball but tasted cake.


A bridge to far to walk.

Got mineral oil soar hip sockets?

Sweet 'n sour the paper says...

and I've paid for mine.

Does Stop-Loss = Death? Just 'thikin aloud; what error's in numbers and people power did they make?

What a so called war...
even when its over soldier's still die

Will the Stop-Loss begin the end of
wars because soldier's and soldier's to be
will join up saying "NO MORE WAR!"

I suggest to anyone with thoughts of
joining the military,think hard and think
again of other options - it might save your lives!

Health Care Orgs Unite. Home Care Organizations Fight Cali's Gov's Arnold Healthcare Cuts.

I wonder if Arnold thinks
he's ever going to grow old?

My advice stay healthy and out of

Trust Government Officials to get it
A-backward getting it completely wrong.

Last Journal & "S" Site.

Well,birthday's over.

Journals and website.

May I have more luck with websites
it not journal writing.

Nearly Ruined My Birthday, D-Day. Mr. R's gone. May he remember everything.

Mildstones over,back to living.

Do I want more life,sure doesn't anyone.

Let's get 'Prez Reagon's buried,say our words
and get on with life again.(He'd want that).

Near 2 Wks. & Half A Century. Just thinking loudly of fate, destiny and the continuing journy.

After turning 50,I want more.

Puredom like freedom smells great.

My one worry,dying before completing

Memorial Day, Muses,& ? It Will All Be Clear Folks.

Bounderies Crossed Truths said.

Each moment precious,each person unique.

It may come to pass...

Ancient Quest,time fleeting,now focused its
best to seek.

Chick/Lad Lit ho hum. There's always a What ever, fad, Trend. I'm don't follow 'em.

read,enjoy,read again.

write,research,do a few times
and one has a career.

That's where I'm going without
too many detours

Bleary Brain Quest. Live life your way I'll live it mine.

Really!No time for this...
I've only got A Hundred Years To LIVE!

Folks,see some of you in 2104 or 2154
either way its 200 years down the road.

Pre 5 - 0 And Counting. I'm not there yet, in a few months.

I'm thinkin' steady state aging
where one actively retards or stops their
aging then tries reversing it.

If its steadied,then reversed by 1-2
then an even decade think of how long one
can year-rollback they lives?


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