Tell Joe

Does Stop-Loss = Death? Just 'thikin aloud; what error's in numbers and people power did they make?

What a so called war...
even when its over soldier's still die

Will the Stop-Loss begin the end of
wars because soldier's and soldier's to be
will join up saying "NO MORE WAR!"

I suggest to anyone with thoughts of
joining the military,think hard and think
again of other options - it might save your lives!

Fast Time Friday, Well, I'm late to the ball but tasted cake.


A bridge to far to walk.

Got mineral oil soar hip sockets?

Sweet 'n sour the paper says...

and I've paid for mine.

Health Care Orgs Unite. Home Care Organizations Fight Cali's Gov's Arnold Healthcare Cuts.

I wonder if Arnold thinks
he's ever going to grow old?

My advice stay healthy and out of

Trust Government Officials to get it
A-backward getting it completely wrong.

Last Journal & "S" Site.

Well,birthday's over.

Journals and website.

May I have more luck with websites
it not journal writing.

Nearly Ruined My Birthday, D-Day. Mr. R's gone. May he remember everything.

Mildstones over,back to living.

Do I want more life,sure doesn't anyone.

Let's get 'Prez Reagon's buried,say our words
and get on with life again.(He'd want that).

Near 2 Wks. & Half A Century. Just thinking loudly of fate, destiny and the continuing journy.

After turning 50,I want more.

Puredom like freedom smells great.

My one worry,dying before completing

Memorial Day, Muses,& ? It Will All Be Clear Folks.

Bounderies Crossed Truths said.

Each moment precious,each person unique.

It may come to pass...

Ancient Quest,time fleeting,now focused its
best to seek.

Chick/Lad Lit ho hum. There's always a What ever, fad, Trend. I'm don't follow 'em.

read,enjoy,read again.

write,research,do a few times
and one has a career.

That's where I'm going without
too many detours

Bleary Brain Quest. Live life your way I'll live it mine.

Really!No time for this...
I've only got A Hundred Years To LIVE!

Folks,see some of you in 2104 or 2154
either way its 200 years down the road.

Pre 5 - 0 And Counting. I'm not there yet, in a few months.

I'm thinkin' steady state aging
where one actively retards or stops their
aging then tries reversing it.

If its steadied,then reversed by 1-2
then an even decade think of how long one
can year-rollback they lives?


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